For OSSA Racers

We are pleased to announce that the Oregon Interscholastic Ski Racing Association (OISRA) is inviting OSSA skiers to qualify to compete in the 2019 OISRA Alpine State Championships at Mt. Hood Meadows March 6-8.

Qualifying For the OISRA State Race
If at least three (3) Guest Skiers of the same gender, attending the same OSSA school, register to qualify for the State Race before the published deadline, that group of 3 (or more) skiers will be considered as the equivalent of a team for the purposes of the State Meet Qualification. These OSSA teams will qualify for the State Meet under the same consideration as if an OISRA league were comprised of these teams..

League Size Qualifying Teams
1-2 Teams 1
3-4 Teams 2
5-6 Teams 3
7-8 Teams 4
9+ Teams 5

Are you an OISRA team? Check here.

Are you an OSSA team? Check here.

Nov. 9, 2017 Statement from OISRA Board of Directors: Why is OISRA inviting non-OISRA skiers to the 2018 Alpine State Championship? The OISRA is fulfilling a request made by the Oregon Athletic Directors in 2015 to hold a state championship event where all high school alpine ski athletes have the opportunity to qualify to compete. At this time, the OISRA is inviting all high school skiers to register to qualify to compete in the 2018 event.

OISRA Leagues:
Blue Mountain (NE Oregon)
Metro (Portland Area and western suburbs)
Mt Hood (Portland Area and eastern suburbs, Columbia River Gorge)
Southern (SW Oregon)
Three Rivers (Portland Area and SW suburbs)