For OSSA Racers

All teams/individuals can register to qualify

Click here to register to qualify (coming soon) All racers and teams from the OSSA are eligible to qualify for the 2018 OISRA Alpine State Championships. Registration and qualification will happen in three steps, with dates/deadlines TBD:

1. Racer registers to be eligible to qualify for the state race.

2. Racer’s school must sign off for racer to represent school, and school becomes “Temporary Member” of OISRA in order to compete as a team at state. Racer will still be eligible to qualify as an Independent Guest if their school does not sign off.

3. After the deadline, once total numbers of “Temporary Member” teams and Independent Guests are tallied, the OISRA State Championship Race Committee will apply qualification standards to both the “Temporary Member” teams and Independent Guests with the same proportion/numbers as existing OISRA leagues, according to OISRA policies.

IMPORTANT: Schools must sign-off for racers to represent their school at the State Race. Download the form here (coming soon).

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Are you an OSSA team? Check here.